Peatland Ecology Research Group 

Our mission: to develop knowledge about peatlands and wetlands, and their ecological restoration in an effort to guide society's choices regarding their responsible management through education and research.

The Peatland Ecology Research Group

Founded in 1992 by Line Rochefort, the PERG is the result of collaboration between the academic scientific community, the Canadian horticultural peat industry and federal and provincial government agencies. All these stakeholders are committed to the objective of integrated and sustainable management of peatlands in Canada.


March 1, 2023, event


In 2022, students and postdoctoral fellows of the Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG) have conducted extensive field, greenhouse and laboratory...

The Bois-des-Bel research station (QC), 16 years after its restoration. M.-C. LeBlanc
© Marie-Claire LeBlancSt-Fabien-sur-Mer peatland (QC), 2 years after its restoration. M.-C. LeBlanc
Restored moss carpet. M.-C. LeBlanc
Large-scale fen restoration in Manitoba. M.-C. LeBlanc