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Here is a provincial database for water chemistry and peat for bogs of Quebec. These files contain all the data used in the literature review of Andersen et al. (2011). You can browse these files for information on a region of Quebec or a particular type of bog.

If you own bog chemistry data that could help improve the provincial bank or fill regional gaps, you can send them to us, using the Excel titled additional data form (send to:

).Protocols for sampling water and peat are available on request to


Water chemistry


Additional data

There are important parameters to evaluate the success of the peatland restoration and the return of the fundamental processes of the ecosystem. Among them are physicochemistry and microbiology parameters.


Data on the physical chemistry of water and peat bogs are taken regularly from the very beginning of the restoration (see Wind-Mulder et al. 1996; Price & Waddington 2000; Andersen et al. 2006). An initial study on the microbiology of mined peatlands took place during the 1990s (see Croft et al. 2001).

A more comprehensive study on the physical chemistry and microbiology of a restored bog on a large scale is under way at the Bois-des-Bel peatland,  Québec (see the following project).



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Microbiology, biogeochemistry and nutrients cycling


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