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Association des producteurs de tourbe horticole du Québec (APTHQ)

Founded in 1964, and represents the majority of peat moss producers in Québec.  The main objectives of the association are to promote the peat moss industry, represent and defend the interest of the members, promote a responsible use of peatlands among producers, and inform the public about the natural resource.


Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA)

The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association (CSPMA) is a trade association of peat moss producers and related enterprises devoted to promoting the responsible management of Canadian peatlands and the industry. Our members account for 97% of the North American peat production. The Association was formed in 1988.


The portal enables decentralized management of information by different partners and utilizes user friendly tools to enable anyone at country or organization level to upload information for sharing purposes through the portal. This portal is being developed for information dissemination and exchange among researcher, scientist and peatland related experts or stakeholders.


International Peat Society
International Peat Society (IPS) is a non-governmental and non-profit-making organisation with a function to promote international co-operation on all matters concerning the study of peatlands and mires, peat and related materials.


The International Mire Conservation Group
The International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG) is an international network of specialists who: a) internationally promote, encourage and, where appropriate, co-ordinate the conservation of mires and related ecosystems; and b) internationally enhance the exchange of information and experience relating to mires and factors affecting them.


Pôle-Relais Tourbières

In French.


Irish Peatland Conservation Council
A national charity established 14 years ago to campaign for the conservation of a representative sample of living intact Irish bogs and peatlands.


CARBOPEAT: Carbon?Climate?Human Interactions in Tropical Peatlands

CARBOPEAT brings together international peatland scientists, policy makers and decision takers from the EU and developing countries and other stakeholders to promote better understanding and awareness of the issues surrounding carbon-climate-human interactions in tropical peatlands.


Société de conservation et de mise en valeur de la Grande Plée Bleue (SGPB)

The Société de conservation et de mise en valeur de la Grande Plée Bleue (SGPB) has the mission to protect and enhance the bog of the Grande Plée Bleue located on the south shore of St. Lawrence River, near Quebec City, mainly for educational, social and artistic activities, without intent of payment for its members (nonprofit organization). (In French.)


Burns Bog Conservation Society

Created in 1988, the Burns Bog Conservation Society aims to conserve and protect the Burns Bog, located in British Columbia, Canada. They along with other members of the community had successfully stopped a major development that would have seen Burns Bog put under 20 feet of landfill and converted to commercial, residential, industrial and one square mile scooped out for a deep-sea port. 

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