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Peatland restoration

Peatland restoration in Canada

PowerPoint presentation of the peatland restoration in Canada, or in a pdf file.


Self guided brochure on Bois-des-Bel peatland. The bog can be visited on request only (

Goals and objectives of bog peatland restoration


The term "ecological restoration" means the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. In the case of peatland, the goal of restoration after peat mining is to re-establish self-regulatory mechanisms that will lead back to functional peat accumulating ecosystems. Of course, this process takes time, and short-term objectives of peatland restoration have also been defined:

  • Re-establishment of a typical peatland plant cover, including Sphagnum mosses, a key species for a functional peat-accumulating ecosystem;
  • Re-establishment of the hydrological regime by blocking ditches and improving microclimatic conditions.


The Association des producteurs de tourbe horticole du Québec (APTHQ) presents on its website an animation detailing the steps to restore a bog with method developed by the PERG since the late 1990s in Canada. See

Mosses establishment two years after reintroduction of peatland plant fragments (Photo: S. Campeau).



Starting year

Ending year





Bogs restoration techniques and approaches


Rochefort, Line

Restauration - ombrotrophes


Restoring a peatland in its whole: Bois-des-Bel research station


Rochefort, Line

Restauration - ombrotrophes

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