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Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG)
Université Laval
Historical ecology and palaeoecology

The past and recent vegetation change dynamics of several peatlands from the south of the Québec province was reconstructed in order to determine which factors are responsible for these changes. Historical (aerial photograph analyses) and palaeoecological (dendrochronology, plant macrofossil and pollen analyses) techniques may be used.


Within PERG, research in historical ecology and palaeoecology are conducted under the supervision of Claude Lavoie (see Lavoie et Rochefort 1996, Lavoie et Saint-Louis 1999, Girard 2000, Zimmermann 2000, Lavoie 2001, Lavoie et al. 2001Pellerin 2003, Lavoie et Pellerin 2007).

Block-cutting of peat (Risi et al. 1954).



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Historical and palaecological analysis of the recent bog dynamics of southern Québec



Lavoie, Claude

Écologie - paléoécologie



Risi, J., C. E. Brunette and H. Girard. 1954. Étude chimiques des tourbes du Québec. VI-Tourbière Small Tea Field. VII-Tourbière Large Field. Province de Québec, Ministère des mines, Services des Laboratoires. Report No 301.

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